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Dom: Mum and Dad had fancied a few days of relaxation before they flew home. Sounded perfect to C and I.

Crystal and I had arrived in Miami a night before Mum and Dad. We hired a car for the following week and drove around Miami Beach area looking for somewhere to stay for the night. The prices were ridiculous and we ended up driving back towards the airport looking for a cheap motel. As it got dark we spied two together. The first was only $40 but the room was so bad that as I walked in the room i was overcome by a wave of depression. Luckily the place over the road was better and only a little more money. I think our problem with the room had more to do with what we'd become accustomed to with Mum and Dad. As we checked out of the motel the next morning Crystal noticed that the woman standing outside the motel had been there last night too.

After picking Mum and Dad up we drove down to Key Largo and got a room at the Sheraton Hotel. I'll probably never stay in such a nice hotel again. Two swimming pools, gym, private beach, sauna, jacuzzi, two bars, two restaurants. It was great.

We'd had a good time with my Mum and Dad and we were sad when they had to go. Another massive thanks to them.

C - So nice to do nothing, stay in one place and just relax for a few days. They have the expression 'Key Easy' down here and that's just what it is. Nothing to do but laze by the pool or beach, eat great food and be in great company. I'm soaking up the sun before we move on, it's going to be very cold where we're going next!

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