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Driving into Vegas

Rinsing the slots



Our hotel





Cool bar

Did we or didn't we!?

Nice hat!

Better glasses!

Musical fountains at the Bellagio


Hoover Dam








Dom: We'd heard that driving into Vegas after dark was the way to do it. I think it's probably true. Driving through the desert, as the final of sunlight disappearing behind us, a glow established itself in the sky ahead. A half hour later our eyes were being assaulted by countless huge neon lights advertising casinos and hotels. It was a bizarre site. And this was only the town marking the border to California and Nevada! Another 40miles and a massive city of lights appeared in the middle of the desert.

We got a room on the strip at Circus Circus, a huge resort hotel. The best thing about Las Vegas was the sight. Just walking around the place after dark was fun. On our second day Crystal and I had lessons for black jack (a game I once thought to be very simple was made ridiculously complicated) and roulette. We decided not to make fools of ourselves with the poker and spent some money on the roulette tables instead. It was pretty cool, and we came out on top. I'd come here thinking I was prepared to blow 100 quid or so in the name of fun. C planned to make money. So as a combined force we broke even!

We had a brief trip to Hoover Dam. There is nothing close to the dam, no towns villages, roadside shops, or petrol stations yet here we were stuck in a traffic jam. Thousands of cars come here everyday to drive over it. After the Great Depression this place represented a resurgent, powerful United States and became an icon to Americans. For us it was pretty boring to be honest. It may have been a feat of engineering which created a lake 700miles in circumference but none of us could summon the interest to pay to enter a museum about a dam.

C - The dam really was boring, I tried my hardest to be interested but I just wasn't. It doesn't even let impressive amounts of water through at certain times of the day like other dams. Well done though. Good job.

Vegas was awesome! (as they say over here) We pretty much became nocturnal, ate ourselves silly at the all you can eat buffets (brilliant invention) and gambled hard. Well a few dollars to play with anyway. Not as hard as the guy that joined our roulette table one night and started laying down groups of $100 chips next to our $1's. Good to take your time there and soak up the free drinks. Feel like your getting something back. I gained about eight dollars thankyou very much.

The good news is, for those who lose all their money, there are also plenty of free and very random things to do and see. Such as the circus in our hotel, pretend volcanoes exploding and fountains dancing to Frank Sinatra. And the lights .. it all has to be seen to be believed. The casinos are so grand, especially the big boys such as Wynn and Bellagio. We did not belong there! All in all a very fun few days.

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