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A forest of pillars

Where's Wally?

An impressive Stelae

Group of the Thousand Columns

More pillars!

These are never ending...

Hieroglyphs - an ancient story

El Castillo in the distance

Sculls - the site of many human sacrifices

Intricate stone carving

Detailed stone carvings

One of Chichen Itza's many monuments

A limestone sink hole - Cenote Sagrado

Mark's favourite photo

Stone carving at the entrance to the ball court

The largest Mayan ball court

El Castillo towering above the stone wall

The most famous of the Yucatán Peninsula's Mayan sites, Chichén Itzá still managed to impress, even on ruin number 4 (and counting!). The scale and layout is immense, and the detail in the hieroglyphs fascinating. The grandest in a grand setting, El Castillo, is a 25 metre high pyramid that actually represents the Mayan calendar - formed in stone with 9 levels, each divided in 2, representing 18 months of the Vague Year and each of the 4 stairways has 91 steps, add in the top platform and the total is 365...

One of the most striking ruins was Platforma de los Cráneos (the Platform of Skulls), a 2 metre high platform festooned with carved skulls and eagles tearing open the chests of men to eat their hearts (nice!) - in ancient days it held the heads of human sacrifices. The rest of the ruins were somewhat more community orientated!

By mid afternoon in the intense Mexican sun, we had reached the end of our ruin tether, so jumped on a bus headed for the beaches of Tulum on the Carribean sea.

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