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An impressive outline

A street of many colours

Intricate freeze and ornate windows

The red, yellow and blue house!

Rows of houses with colour and character

Mark looking the part

Kel in Parque Principal

The master bedroom in Centro Cultural Casa Numero

A strong contender for favourite photo

Catedral de la Concepcion Inmaculada

The ancient city wall

Ornate tile work

The cathedral through an archway

Mark outside our friendly hostel

Brightly coloured houses, cobblestone streets, all surrounded by an ancient fortification and set on the Gulf of Mexico, this town rightly deserves its UNESCO world heritage listing. We found our hostel at 3am and crashed.

We jumped out of bed at 11am, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to explore this colourful town - only to discover that we had been robbed! Some rotten scoundrel seated behind us helped themselves to our small camera, mobile phone and iPod, all inside Kel's bag which she had put under her feet for safe keeping.

Drama and anger aside, we couldn't have picked a better town to report a robbery. The police collected us from our hostel and escorted us to the station for a report and the helpful lady at our hostel came along to translate (our Spanish is not quite that good!). Insurance should replace all the hardware, but unfortunately these updates are a little thin on photos as 230 of them (without backup) went missing - and don't expect any text messages from us!

A day spent on insurance admin and we finally got to see the quaint streets of Campeche, dine on some spicy Mexican fare and chat to the proud locals.

Next stop, the capital of the Yucatan, Merida, for some Saturday night culture. Pox alert - it looks like Kel has a spot...

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