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Amazing spouting water thingie

Where were we? Thats right, just got off the train in a new city which we didn't have a phrase book for, after making our way to the Metro stop closest to our hotel we proceeded to get lost. Luckily this was corrected with some impromptu sharades and a mud map from a local shopkeeper and we found the hotel.

Quite a flash place compared to Madrid, we got our very own room and breakfast for only 16 euros. We dumped our bags and checked out the centre of town. A very hilly place it consists of many windy roads and some dodgy characters (I got offered some hash 4 times within the space on an hour in the town centre). Apart from that the people were great, most spoke very good english which is good because the only phrase we picked up was Bom Dia (good morning).

After some exploring we found an exact copy of the Golden Gate bridge and a statue of Jesus which originally came from Brazil, I think. We also got to check out some of the old castle closer to the mouth of the river and Expo '98 site where we saw a pretty cool water spout (see video).

To save money one night we found a supermarket and had chips and ice cream - it cut the usually dinner bill by 75% so I was quite impressed.

That was it in Lisbon, after two nights we caught a bus to Lagos (we very nearly missed it and would have had to walk the 300kms)

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