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Venice Beach - Why??

It wont work Dom




Street DJ









Hollywood premiere (Ice Age 2!)


Walk of fame


Anything is possible in the USA!






Chinese Theatre


Hollywood sign




In Beverly Hills? .. Rodeo Drive baby


Some posh shops

Universal Studios








Back to the future car

Special FX



All American hero

Dom: We had a bumpy flight. Hailstones and turbulence bombarded the plane as we flew to LA. I started to wonder if the hail could freeze up the engines. The seatbelt sign kept on going on and off, and worst of all the film 'Just Like Heaven' was on for about the fifth flight in a row. I was glad to arrive in LA. As were the other passengers because many started clapping as we touched down! This was the beginning of my proof that Americans are a cliché of their own making. As soon as we set foot in the airport there were guys high-fiving, and women giving attitude. And all the shops sold doughnuts, Mexican food, pancakes, and burgers. To get through immigration you are required to complete several forms. One such form consisted of questions followed by a 'yes' box and a 'no' box. One question required that you state whether you are a terrorist or spy. I'm sure they've caught many out with that little ruse.

C and I had been looking forward to this part of our trip because my Mum and Dad were coming out to meet us for two and a half weeks. In fact C was really excited by the prospect of having other people to talk to and hang out with! They'd already booked accommodation in LA for all of us which was brilliant. Our room was complete luxury compared to what we'd become accustomed to. For breakfast on our second day I sat down to a plate of pancakes soaked in maple syrup with a coating of sugar on top. When in Rome... It was delicious.

While in LA we checked out all the tourist haunts. Beverley Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood sign, Universal Studios, Avenue of Stars, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Venice Beach. Venice Beach was probably the most interesting place to go for a walk. Lots of strange people. My favourite was a guy imploring God to let him meet Jodie Foster because he loved her. There were many like this. There weren't many muscle men to be seen. C was quite gutted, which showed a new side to her. The place was a real hang-out.

C - I was excited to be in Hollywood, our first aim was to check out the Hollywood walk of fame but as it turned out we couldn't see the most interesting part as there were hundreds of people standing on it as evidently a premiere was taking place right then. We were lucky to get a glimpse of the HUGE hollywood blockbuster ... Ice Age 2. Saw a couple of celebs arriving on snow mobiles, no one worth a mention. However we did see Elvis and Marilyn Monroe walk in to Maccy D's. So Hollywood.

I'm not sure why we we felt we had to check out Rodeo drive, but it was nice to be reminded that we will never be rich or important and get looked up and down a couple of times. Rodeo drive baby. We took a drive around Beverly Hills at the biggest, richest houses you will ever see and felt a little more depressed! LA is another world. Everybody is trying to be somebody.

Universal Studios was good fun and I was lucky enough to meet Spongebob Square Pants in the flesh, a true Celebrity at last!

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