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Renee barbequing...

Happy birthday Larissa...

Bonfire with marshmellows

The girls on top of the world

Justin and Kevork trying to keep the rock from falling...

Sarah, Sophie, Sydney and Meagan doing the same (Renee is taking the...

Waterfall more than 300 feet high...

Written by Sophie

Today we woke up at 10:00 and packed for Kangaroo valley. We hung around till 2:00 and then we drove there. It took us only 2hrs. We met our cousins there. Then by then it was supper time and we ate supper then we went to bed.

Written by Sarah

We drove to Kangaroo Valley. But first we got all ready. We took the long way there. There was a really squiggly road to get down in the valley. We all felt like vomiting. The Lewis's came soon after. We played games with our cousins and we ate dinner which was on the BBQ. Then we went back to the cabins for some sleep.

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