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Days in Bahia de Tortugas (Known as Turtle Bay to Gringos)

2/27 - 3/5

From the First Mate-Swab First Class

We anchored in Turtle Bay in the afternoon of 2/27. We finally took off our heavy jackets. I loved to feel the warm sun shining on my face. The way to get on shore was by dingy (too much trouble and too wet and slow) or by calling the water taxi (big panga ran by smiley Afredo, fast and we could stay dry, round trip US$5.00). Of course we chose to go by the water taxi. Turtle Bay is a small town. Most of the streets are unpaved. It was pretty dusty. We were surprised to find there were 3 internet cafes in the town this size. We tried to figure out why the internet cafes were not open and soon there were 5 or 6 people around us tried to explain to situation. People were very friendly here. With a lot of sign languages, we found out the power was out and seemed like it happened quite often. Unlike in Ensenada, most of the people here don't speak English. It was very fun to practice my broken Spanish. I think they found it's funny to see the little china trying to speak Spanish. They all tried to help improve my pronunciation. I am proud to say that I successfully arranged the delivery of 80 gallons of water and us from the store back to the boat with a guy who didn't say a single word of English.

We stayed in Turtle Bay for 6 days and 5 nights waiting for the good weather window. The last night when we were there we went to Maria Restaurant. We were the only customers there. The chef Angela sat down and talked to us. Surprisingly I understood what she was telling me. The fuel dock by the bay was owned by Grodo, her late father-in-law. He passed it down to his 3 sons. Afredo her husband was the middle son. Maria was her mother-in-law. She and Afredo have 4 children. She introduced her cute little 2 years old granddaughter Isis to us. Before we left she held my hands wishing us good luck, fair wind and may the God be with us and protect us. We left Turtle Bay with a big smile and a warm memory in our hearts.

Actually we planned to leave on 3/4 but I forgot to give some important financial information to the Captain so we had to change our plan and got into town to make some phone calls. Bang, the First Mate demoted to Swab..... :(

Live Long and Improper, Ken & Julie

s/v BunGee

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