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30/3 Took the bus at 8am. One of the longest trips, well it felt like it. We got in at 3pm. Took a cab to a hostel recommended by LP. Don't know why - long way from the town, weired owners, sloping beds, bad showers and the list can go on. Decided just to stay the 1 night and look for somwhere else. The place is cool. Busy town right on the sea, lots of tourist shops, people hanging out on street corners, sitting in cafes, drinking coffee, just enjoying life. Found a cinema that served food with the films. Decided to try it. Bad idea - the film quality was bad, it was like sitting in a school dining hall.

31/3 New hostel today. It was better, bed was nice and it was closer to the centre. Went to a museum that had a huge sea shell collection. Very impressive. From there a quick trip to look at a church and a water storage tower. Church was closed, views from the tower were OK. Along the beach were stalls with just about everything. We were hungry, so we skipped through, straight to a food hole, that looked tiny from the outside, but was big once in. Had a nice late lunch. Back to the hostel to take a shower and than out again. Something was happening in the town as there were bands and crowds everywhere. We did not know why. Late cup of tea and off to bed as we getting up early to go to Buenos Aires.

30.3 Vyjeli jsme v 8. Byla to jedna z nejdelsich cest, alespon se to tak zdalo. Prijeli jsme v 15.00 a vzali taxi do hotelu ktery byl doporuceny Lonely Planet. Nevime ale proc. Byl daleko od mesta, ti co ho vlastnili byli priblbli, postel byla do kopce, sprchy nefungovali atd. Rozhodli jsme se najit jiny hotel, ale prespali jsme jednu noc. Mesto bylo hezke. Spousta malych ulicek s obchody, restauracemi, lide sedeli venku, popijeli kafe a jen si tak uzivali. Nasli jsme kino, ktere delalo veceri s filmeme. Rozhodli jsme se to jit vyzkouset. Nebylo to nic moc. Pizza za moc nestala, film byl nic moc a zvuk byl hrozny. Bylo to jak sedet ve skolni jidelne.

31.3 Novy hotel, byl lepsi. Postel byla lepsi a sprchy fungovali. Byl take bliz k mestu. Sli jsme se podivat do musea ktere melo obrovskou vystavu musli. Bylo jich tisice. Od tud jsme se sli podivat na kostel, ktery byl zavreny a vyjeli vytahem do veze, z ktere byl docela dobry pohled na more a na mesto. Od tud jsme sli podel more, kde byly stanky se vsim moznym. My jsme ale meli hlad a tak jsme to rychle prosli. Dorazili jsme k male restauraci, ktera byla obrovska, kdyz jsme vesli. Dali jsme si obed nebo veceri a sli do hotelu. Osprchovali jsme se a zase hura ven. Neco se ve meste delo, protoze byli lidi vsude, nejake kapeli vyhravali az do noci. Dali jsme si caj a sli spat, protoze musime brzy vstavat - jedeme do Buenos Aires.

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