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We drove all day today, and are within 20 miles of our destination.

We stopped at Morrilton because we're not supposed to be into Russellville until tomorrow AM. This way, we unhooked, and hooked up the sewer, and can take showers, sleep in, stop at Blackwell, etc. on the way in tomorrow. Blackwell is our stop for some wine. Pope county where we are going is a dry county in Arkansas, so we'll stock up a little on the way in so we have supplies for company or whatever. Our drive today was uneventful, other than a little bit of rain, and lots of headwinds. We went through the diesel. But that's to be expected with a headwind. It was nice to get over the Mississippi, and into Arkansas. We found Memphis hard to negotiate today with lots of roadwork downtown, and very narrow lanes snaking around. Fortunately we've had some practice with that, so we just took it slow and easy. We had lunch in a truck stop. I didn't know they have handicap truck parking, but they do. Amazing what you can find out if you go in one. We did try and stop in North Little Rock, but the one campground was full. Expecting some large party, so we traveled on west. Once you're on a roll driving you feel like you can keep going as long as you don't need to stop for a potty break, or you aren't hungry, so that's what I did. Todays drive was remniscent of moving to the east coast and really driving for a whole day. Up to today, we've been piddling around 150 - 200 miles at a time.

So, we're almost there, and we are anxious to visit Aunt Beulah and Jerry.

Check back and I'll get some photo's.

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