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Students at school

Colin and his guide, Daniel

Nina with her two guides

Kava ceremony at village

Nina enjoying her Kava!!!

Chief Ed

On the dodgy wooden bridge

Bus on dodgy wooden bridge

Giant Coconut Smoothie

North Coast

North Coast

Volivoli Beach Resort

Volivoli Beach Resort

Colin and Matteo kayaking

Volivoli Beach Resort

Anna, Colin, Nina, Jens, Luke & Holly

Ed and Bola

Us at Volivoli

Holly and Ed

Jo and Anna

Colin drinking Kava

Drinking more Kava

Nina, Pereen, Katie & Jette

Crab racing!

Naughty games!

More games!

Girls dancing

Willie and Ian dancing

What too much Kava does to you!!!

Jo, Jens & Anna

Our first stop today was at a Fijian school, so we stopped at a small town on the way to buy some stationary for the students. When we arrived at the school we were greeted by a group of 17 year old students and walked around the school with them. They spoke good english so we were able to ask them questions. The students then sang a Fijian song to us. The whole visit was a little uncomfortable for us as the students seemed very uninterested, this we later found out was due to them having a group of tourist visit every Monday. In return for us being able to go there the Feejee Experience donates money to the school. The students were obviously not happy when having to sing a song to another group of visitors all taking pictures of them, which is understanable. Fortunately, Colin and Nina's student guides were very nice and chatty. When we got back on the bus the students made some interesting gestures and called one of our group, Ian (Irish), a big arsehole! (wonder where they learnt that one!), this we found quite amusing.

We then went to another village. This one was different from the first as it was inland, as opposed to being by the coast. This allowed us to see the difference. Ed was asked to be our chief for the visit, we then had to stand at the edge of the village and shout "Dua oarr" (spelling is probably very wrong, but thats how it sounded!), the villages then called back to grant us entry. We then sat in their village hall and had another Kava ceremony (which was not a pleasant surprise to most of the girls!). The Kava still looked like muddy water and tasted as bad as it looked (it leaves your mouth feeling numb). Again the visit and ceremonty felt a little put on, and we gathered the village is also given money by Feejee Experience for allowing visitors.

It was then back on the bus and onto a river where we went Bilibili rafting, which are basically long rafts made from bamboo. You have someone punting at the back whilst the rest can paddle. There were three rafts which we took up the river against the current and then raced back ...Nina and Colin's team won, despite another team trying to capsize us! Really good fun!

The bus then carried along the north east coast, along some more dodgy tracks and over a really ropey wooden bridge, which some of us had to get out and take a photo of the bus going over. We stopped so Nina and Matteo (Italian) could buy a giant coconut smoothie from a roadside stall, which was basically a straw stuck in the top of a coconut. We also stopped a couple of times to take pictures of the coast which was beautiful. We arrived at Volivoli Beach Resort on the North Coast in the evening. The resort had only just been built specifically for the Feejee Experience so there was hardly anyone there. It is at a really beautiful location. Colin and Matteo went out on a Kayak into the bay. The sunset was then really beautiful.

As it was our last night it was time to party! We had dinner and then played lots of drinking games. Some of us then drank Kava, we had a crab race followed by some really funny games. When we were all drunk we headed down to the beach for a bonfire and listened to Willie sing some songs, which was so funny as he was high on Kava! We all layed gazing at the stars. We went to bed late, with Colin feeling a little ill from too much Kava and Fiji beer! Had a great night though! We also realised how close a lot of us have become on the tour.

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