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I love shopping in Kusudasi!!!!

We have been here before and visited Efesis (sp?) at that time, so didn't retake that tour. People who went there thoroughly enjoyed it and tell us that it has been really cleaned up since we had been there. It is an excavation of a town that existed way, way before Christ and the ruins are tremendously impressive.

So, on to the town. Again the town is much more "groomed" than it was a while back. There is a new 'duty free' shopping center right on the pier and we had a lot of fun wandering through there. One of the shop owners grabbed on to us as we walked into the building and showed us some lovely jewelry. Okay, so we both fell in love w/a bracelet and bought it--wait til you see it!!

Dad needed socks (I told him to pack more, but you know Lee.) so we went on into 'town'--I wore that gorgeous sweater you got for me at the Ohio fair, Kathy. The Turks went nuts for it. One rug peddlar wanted to buy it from me so that he could copy the colors in a rug. Didn't sell it.

Got the socks and a few curios.

Back to the ship and tini time. Sitting on the balconey we were able to hear the calls to prayer. To me these are hauntingly beautiful. Lee was able to record them and I was pleased.

Love, ME

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