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"Playa Ancon" in Trinidad, quite an excellent one! Almost alone, and several...

Beach-babe 1

Beach-babe 2

Quite pleased with the shrimps master-chef Silvio has just served!

Quite pleased aswell! The best meal we had in Cuba! And we...

Silvio's youngest son looking at Nina in binoculares and repeating: "Bonita!", "Bonita!"...

Nina & the little charmer without the binoculares.

Look at this handsome fellow! ;o)

Muhahaha! I have the whole beach to myself!!

Jumping beach-babe

Posing beach-babe :o)

Splashing beach-babe

Looki, looki! Not bad or what!?

Last sunday we went by bus to Cienfuegos, we were planning to spend our time on the beach for a couple of days. However the city was further away from the nice beaches than we had expected, so we went on to Trinidad allready the next day. Also here the beach was suprisingly far from the city (very small city), but it only cost $2/pers. to get there! Additionally we were so lucky to pick a host that had attended 2 years of hotel school in Sevilla/Spain. Silvio was his name, and he was a very friendly host and an excellent cook!(see pictures). He also had a super-sweet little boy who was quite shy, but curious, and thought Nina was very pretty :o) To get home we took a private car together with 2 guys from GB. It was the same price as the bus, but instead of 6 hours it took us 3:45 :o)

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