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The trains in spain are shaping up to be a major pain, these are the various plans we have gone through in order to get around in Spain:

Plan A: BOOK IT OURSELVES: Researched throughly and decided the best value was a two-person saver through, total cost was US$530 Went to order and discovered that they only delivered to addresses outside of Europe. Made no sense to us either.

Plan B: GO VIA A TRAVEL AGENT: Found a nice guy at STA that would help us out, he found exactly what I had found but said he could process it himself so we could have the tickets that day. Fantastic we thought, we went off to get the money (price now US$570). When we got back he had been reading the fine print and discovered that Kylie couldn't get that pass because she was a resident of the UK and therefore ineligible.

Plan C: DIFFERENT PASSES: I would go with the original plan and Kylie would get two different passes available to European residents. I lost the two person discount an added a country so my fare went up to US$766. Kylie had to get a pass for Spain and a pass for Italy and France, her cost went up to around US$750. We processed and paid for the tickets and thought that was a pain but at least we are on our way, that night Nick our friendly travel agent rang us and informed us the day before the rail company stopped selling the pass for Spain we were after for Kylie.

Plan D: CAMEL: Since we have exhausted all other avenues the only way I see we can get around together is to each buy a camel in Morocco and explore Europe that way.

I hope the rest of the trip goes smoother

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