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Well today was truely a transit day, moving from the Hostel to a campground outside Ottowa but not in enough time to actually get a look at it. We stopped a couple of times - once for lunch which was at a truck stop - the high light being that we saw a snake in the grass - literally. Then it was on again, we stopped at Thousands Islands - sorry we have no idea if that's where the dressing comes from, but I got a couple of photos and that's about it. We had a quick stop for shopping, and then had a bbq in the evening. The real highlight was the beer run. In Ontario you can't buy alcohol in shopping markets, but instead have to get beer from a beer shop and wine and spirits from a LCBO shop. The beer shop and wine shop are quite fun though with huge selections and in the beer shop you just pick off a selection on the wall and then the sent it out on a conveyor belt.

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