My Frontier Canada trip travel blog

Ok - quick entry because of limited time. Today was a travelling day, where we made it from Lake Superior to the Town of Tobermory in preparation for Niagra Falls. The highlights of the day included a trip to Espanola for lunch which had two shops called Chopper and Winkle... well I laughed anyway.

We then caught a car ferry across a bay to save driving time. This was largely uneventful apart from the YMCA lookalike not letting us on until last and then an alarming series of announcements.

1. Could the Chief Engineer come to the bridge

5 minutes

2. Could the Chief Steward contact the bridge

5 minutes

3. Could all passengers please turn their attention to the following video which instructs them in the use of life jackets and flotation equipment..

Anyway we arrived safely and pitched camp and had a blazing fire stoked by the wind whihc was howling across camp.

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