Heather's Paris Adventure travel blog

waiting to leave


crusing Zurich airport

fun with carts

the airport

our room

view from room

other side view

some ruins near plaka

another view

plaka...one of many cafes

thats the Acropolis high about Athens

Athens had some of the best grafitti

first Greek lunch

Alex digesting and trying to feel her legs...

yep...alex cant walk and the sellers are moving in

look max is in greece

almost everywhere there are ruins to see

girls checking out the sights


me near plaka


hill side view

beautiful old buildings

more graffiti

some are really good

temple of winds

view up to acropolis

near plaka

me near temple of winds

clown graffiti...many things to look at

reminds me of gorilaz

more temple of the winds...this was on our way up to the...

can you asian squat?



looking down on ancient agora


ancient agora

zeus... we decided to name all the stray dogs this fitting I...

girls climbing up to mars hill

acropolis from mars hill...bummer about all the repair work

view from mars hill...ancient agora, plaka, and more of athens

more view from mars hill

above ancient agora

Brigitte on mars hill

Claire and Alex on Mars Hill

National Gardens

national gardens

girls at national gardens

me at national gardens

the oranges might look tasty but they are super sour!

national gardens

the nat. garden is pretty big


me and Alex

alex checking things out

walking in the Acropolis near the temple of Athena

the parthenon

I made it

alex at the parthenon

we are there



alex poor alex her camera died

karytids (not sure on the spelling)


alex posing for me

girls at the acropolis



view from up top


alex in ancient agora

the illegal standing on grass photo...alex and the temple of zeus

me and the temple of zeus

hiking around agora...beautiful

alex hiking around

the coast!



nice and warm


my own greek monument

locals playing pattle ball

long day

blurry acropolis at night

alex air guitar

hangin out in greece

more fun

eventhough it was almost only I that went on this trip ; ) it was a really fun time. we walked everywhere but the city really doesn't need four days. my favorite's were the ocean, the acropolis, and the yummy gelato near taki st.

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