Simon & Christine's 2005/2006 Trip travel blog

The Lake District

Picnic on the Seven Lakes Drive

Duckies Ranch

To Bariloche and the Argentine Lake District. Every day was perfect - clear skies and hot sunshine. We cycled around the many lakes, visited a small Swiss village and generally gorged ourselves on chocolate, red wine and barbequed lamb (hmm excellent pre-wedding diet). We met a lot of local people and got into the habit of sharing mate, a kind of tea and an Argentine national obsession.

We also discovered a new and fun outdoor activity - Duckies - which involves paddling through rapids in an inflatable kayak. Both of us managed fine in an individual kayak, but put us in a double and any attempt at steering went out the window. At one point we were stuck with the kayak bent around a rock like a banana, with the front half vertically angled and almost completely submerged, but in a supreme recovery effort got off the rock and through the rapid without losing anyone overboard. Simon did manage to fall out twice though. Just as well I never mention it.

The river we paddled down was absolutely gorgeous - clear water, deep gorges and not another soul to be seen. After five hours paddling we ended our trip with an asado barbeque at an estancia set in a gorgeous mountain valley. A fantastic day.

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