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Yesterday we took the boat from Koh Tao to Chaumphon. Overall the experience of diving in Koh Tao put us off staying longer. The equipment was worn out, and once in the water all you could see were hundreds of other divers. Not quite what we had gone for. As there is not a lot else to do we decided to come to Chumphon on the main land ready for the trip back to Bangkok. And we are so glad we did.

We have found an amazing beach 16km south of Chumphon, and are staying at a place called the Cabana which has been here for 14 years and is a sort of organic/ eco resort. It has beautiful tropical gardens, fish pools everywhere, little rice paddies and herb gardens. The sand on the beach is like talc, fine and soft, and the whole beach is lined with coconut palms. There are one or two foreigners, but this is a Thai destination, so people stare a bit when we walk by. There are only local thai restaurants, and a few hawkers going by with fresh fruit, ice cream, or cooking kebabs on the back of thier bikes.

Apparantly the diving here is really good too, but not sure if we will be able to fit any in. We got a kayak this morning and went to next bay where there we pebbles with amazing pink and purple marbling through them, absoulutely beautiful.

So anyone planning a trip to Thailand- let us know we will give you all the details, and get yourselves down here!

Tomorrow we have the training booked to Bangkok. We tried to change the ticket yesterday as we were meant to be getting on 2 stops down the coast at Surat Thani, but are now planning to get it from Chumphon. It says on the ticket if you don't board at the right station you lose your place, but the man at the station assured us it would be ok. I sincerely hope so as it is about a 10 hour trip overnight and we booked a sleeper with air con. Otherwise it could be a very uncomfortable trip!

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