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Saturday night at Hemingways in Knokke (me, Olivier, and Marleen)

Olivier and Marleen

small town (i think its Duinweg) in the Netherlands near Knokke

some geese from the Netherlands...look healthy but everyone is still worried about...

cant go to the Netherlands and not see a windmill

Brugge...never saw this before, but it was a beautiful day and I...

think how fun it would be to kayak down the water ways...

more kayaking

view from above

Brugge from the top of the visitors center

more birds eye view of Brugge

Brugge on top...the 3 bell towers are good land markers een in...

brugge cafe

just one of the many secret places in Brugge

main street in Knokke

other way in Knokke...sorry picture of Knokke didnt turn out...but its a...

road construction everywhere!!

Belgium was beautiful and full of wonderfully nice people. You tend to forget that not everyone walks around looking pissed off or completly unsympathetic like they do in Paris. Olivier and Marleen took me out and showed me a good time in Knokke. Saturday night was dinner and a few drinks and Sunday was driving around to some towns close by. What a amazingly talented people Belgium breeds...everyone I met can speak at least 3 languages fluently, and there I was barley able to speak one language. LOL. No my french is getting better, and I am actually able to comprehend a lot (or so I think...hahaha). Drink beer, eat chocolate, and have some good times with nice people is what it was all about and I loved it.

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