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Today we had our wilderness kayak. This was in 2 person kayaks, and I got to be the person who steered the rudder. This took a bit a getting used to, but a couple of semi-deliberate collisions later and we had the hang of it. Thanks to the combination of Kyoko being nice and light in the front, and me being able to paddle hard in the back we managed to be just about the fastest two out there, but this brought a couple of problems. First of all the water managed to lap in above the water skirt that keeps water out of the boat and your pants dry, leading to the rest of the day spent standing in the wind, trying to dry.

The second problem was when we and a couple of other kayaks led, and the guide pointed out where he wanted us to go. We set off, but unfortunately went the wrong way, but the guide couldn't catch us very easily, so when we did get turned back we had to paddle a buggery long way back and this time against the current.

We camped on the shore of Lake Superior, having past through White River, the town where Winnie the Pooh originated from. There was a spectacular sunset as we were cooking. It was clearly the best kitchen view in the world.

The weather for the past few days has been nice. Shorts and t-shirts have actually been used, but this has meant that we have turned into a roving buffet for the mosquitoes.

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