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A piece of a meteorite

La Serena town



Santiago wall art

Dom - C was ill too now so that was the end of any special attention I would be getting. We caught a buys to La Serena, 7 hours north of Santiago. Stupidly we had a fast food lunch and immediately paid the price for being cheap and lazy, with consecutive bouts of bum sick. We were lifted from our doldrums when we checked our e-mails as my parents had decided to come out for a holiday and travel with us around California. I was very happy but C was ecstatic, prompting me to wonder how much fun she was having with me. I didn't wonder for long though.

We had a trip booked to visit the Marmalluc Observatory. Here in the foothills of the Andes some of the clearest skies in the world can be found. That is why Europe and the USA have spent millions building observatories here.

Our guide spoke excellent English and was enthusiastic. This just about made hearing about the mechanics of telescopes interesting, the rest of the tour was effortlessly interesting. He let us use the giant telescope that sits in the observatory building. We looked at distant nubulae and future solar systems. He gave us a slide show and tried to convince us there had to be aliens out there somewhere. He showed and explained to us the birth of stars and galaxies. Then we checked out Mars and Saturn. After a couple of hours my mind had been sated by all the information, and now I can't remember any of it save what I scribbled in my diary. But I do remember that it was very interesting.

C - Saturn was amazing to view, you could actually see it's rings. (Not very interesting pictures here i'm afraid!)

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