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Dom - Puerto Varas marked the southernmost point we would reach in Chile. From here we traveled back up towards Santiago. The stand-out stop was Saltos Del Laja, a tall and wide waterfall. The most impressive waterfall I've seen so far. It even gave us a couple of rainbows to add to its beauty. Something weird was going on at the top of the waterfall. There were guys fishing. I'm sure this isn't stupid (what I know about fishing could be written on a fishfinger) but it looked really stupid and pointless. Eventually they packed up and left with no fish and looking as if this was a surprise.

C - After an overnight stay by the waterfall we begin the journey back to Santiago, but first the stop I have been looking forward to. The Balduzzi Winery! Dom was still feeling a bit ill so I had to sample wine enough for the both of us. The winery was probably my favourite of the many I have visited (wino) mainly because the grapes were still fed to the machines and the labels all put on by hand, not all by machine. This was one of the smallest wineries in Chile which suprised me as it still seemed huge and produced a lot of wine, most of which is exported. So look out for it, its good stuff!

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