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Despite hearing bad things about Monkey Mia, we figure it would be remiss to visit the Peron Peninsula and not visit its key tourist attraction so we head off to what we fear is a big, ugly tourist trap.

Monkey Mia is essentially one big resort, best known as the place to feed the tame dolphins that come to the water's edge. There's cabins, resort, caravan park,pool ... the whole shemozzle. It's a nice surprise to find that it's actually really very pleasant. Stretched out across a beautiful white beach on a bay, it feels like holidays because that is its only purpose.

Head out on a 2 1/2 hour cruise around the bay to see the marine life (it's a marine park) on the Shotover, a big sailing catamaran. Get to see dugongs, dolphins, turtles and a seasnake - a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The whole area is mostly sea grass beds, which are perfect for dugongs who feed on kilos of the grass every day and we're lucky to see around half a dozen of the animals, which are notoriously shy.

It's about 39 degrees and the caravan park is right by the sea, so it seems like a wise option to camp here overnight and take advantage of the "Monkey Bar" for a few quiet ones (well for Stu anyway) and a bit of easy dinner. We are on holidays after all ;).

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