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we can assure everyone that it wasn't this smooth down-stream.

 One of our 'must do's' for New Zealand was a rafting trip and after reading up on it, it was recommended that the rangitata river was the place to do this. This is graded up to 'V' which means that it is close to 'unraftable' (ooooh, we're so extreme!!). So off we went to a lovely lodge in the middle of the Peel Forest (which seemed like the middle of nowhere!). We were kitted up in all the gear, fed and then set off for our adventure. The first 30 minutes or so is completely flat, where we learned all the required techniques 'hold on, get down hold on, get down go left, get down go right, paddle forwards, paddle backwards' and of course how to deal with 'person overboard'! We started off gently down a couple of grade 2 parts (grade 1 is flat), then before we knew it we were being prepared for our first grade 5. Of course it seemed like everything we had learned went out of the window at that point and we were just concerning ourselves with not falling out of the boat! Our team did well with no-one out of the boat, however, this did not mean that we didn't get soaked through! The end of the run was an opportunity to have a bit of a swim down the last gentle part and then to launch ourselves off of a 10 metre high cliff into the icy cold water (10 hours previous the water we were rafting through had been part of a glacier!). Of course I (J) was too wimpish to partake, feeling as though I had had a sufficient adrenalin thrill for the day already, however, Chris launched himself off in every way possible. It was a great day and we would recommend it to anyone-top tip however-DON'T SIT IN THE FRONT! (you get the most wet!).

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