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driving in Kent

with Tombs at door step

The Frontier

an adorable church at he seaside

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral .. one of the entrances

cathedral entrance

ready for the tour

a gothic approach

front door

a nite of dancing

on the town

The perfect toilet.. it only took a year of discovery

Took another British side trip to see my mate from my South African Expedition. Since I was so ill when she came to see me in Mozambique, I thought I best do a visit when I am ready for anything!!

Kirsty: another full of life, do anything at any moment, yet incredibly spiritual woman; is always a treat to be around. Could not come to England and not pay a visit. Makes me laugh and cry all at the same time. She has a talent that's for sure. She has this accent one could depict miles and miles away. One of kind. A diamond in the rough. (you know what I mean)

I had another opportunity to witness a wonderful Mother-Daughter relationship. Since Kirsty's bed was the size of an armchair, we thought we would beg her mom to take us in. Indeed she did, with a full heart and hospitality. A great "ladies" time. We toured Canterbury, a gorgeous little brit town that exudes character and wealth. The streets are so small, I think this is why, everyone drives such small cars. These aren't streets, they are lanes. I thought Kirsty would run us off the road, but we remaimed safe, inbetween her giggles at my paranoia. Kirsty is like another "TOY", so small and cute, but she's got fire... and one can see this in her driving!

After dancing with the boys, dipping in and out of cute brit pubs, chilling with her Mom, meeting some friends, and finishing our adventure with hot chocolate at the Seaside, I had to say Farewell for now. Too short a visit like the other Brit-Side trips. But so nice to see her, even if its short!..Thanks love!!!!!

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