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Close up of Beachcomber island from the boat

Beachcomber island from the boat

The clear blue sea

Jason-Chris-T-bone on the beach

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Chris-Gary-Jason in the Ocean at Beachcomber

We left Los Angeles at 10:45pm for Fiji, a 11 hour flight with Air Pacific. Again we tried to blag an upgrade into business class but it fell on deaf ears however the economy class was not to bad and the flight was comfortable. We arrived in Nadi, Fiji at

5am a whole calender day later as we crossed the international date line therefore we lost the 3rd March 2006 forever.

The minute we got off the plane we we felt the humidity and were welcomed by the Fijian version of queen playing some local hits suchs as 'bula, bula' and others. The Fijian passport control and customs were very different from the robots in the USA, they were friendly, polite and very welcoming which was a nice change.

We had no place to stay and didn't make any reservations before we left the USA so we had to find some accomodation, we had been told of where and where not to stay from a girl we met in LA so with that in mind we had settled on a place called Beachcomber Island, we made our booking with a local tourist office who we were a bit weary of at first and dint want to fall into any tourist traps but they turned out to be ok. We paid $75 a night (25 quid) that included all 3 meals and some water sports.

We left on a coach from the airport at 8am and by 11am we were on a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean about 20kms off the coast of main land Fiji. The Island was beautifull, a real paradise retreat that made the Carribean look like Southend-on-sea. You can walk round the island in about 10 minutes. The sand is golden, the sea is more blue than the sky and luke warm. We strongly recommend that any one thinking of a tropical holiday go to Fiji instead of the Carribean, check the photos and you will see why!!

We had beds 66 (Jason) 67 (chris) and 65 (T-bone aka Gary) in a 100+ mixed bed dorm that was very noisy at times throughout the day.

Once we had un-packed we went straight down the beach, slapped on the factor 4 tanning oil and enjoyed a day in the sun which was really hot. By the time the sun went down we were shattered, we had dinner and went straight to sleep at 8pm and didnt wake until the morning.

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