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more space invaders

they're everywhere!

Alex (Amanda in background)...she looks so excited to be in class

largest church in Paris (not a cathedral) near Les Halles

Les Halles...in the next few years this whole place will be destroyed...

more of Les Halles

the famous yellow cat...how many do you see?

bird flu anyone? JK!!!

musee petit palais in the snow

Petit palais

Opera Garnier...this was an extremely expensive place to build

figures on top represent harmony and poetry...I think?

another figure (dont know which is which...sorry)

a bit excessive on the designs...but look at all those happy faces.

inside opera garnier

more of inside

look at all the different types of marble


meant to depict the sun

more of inside

meant to depict the night

look at all the art students working hard

view from garnier of sacre coeur

fire lizard on the gas line

street performer near Abbesses

one of two metros left that are in the art deco style

church near abbesses

place near where St Deny was beheaded (martyred...is that spelled right?)

Bascillica Sacre-Coeur

it is a self cleaning building...yep its never been cleaned and if...

view from the top...pretty hazy but not bad

can you see the ice out of the mouth

see the dirty spots

a few famous artist lived here...renoir is one


more buildings of montmatre

the pink house

sundial is still acurate to the sun

buildings of montmatre

town scene

where st deny cleaned his head in a fountain

one of two wind mills

funny french story brought to life near where the author used to...

other windmill...now a high end restaurant near it

little green man near where Picasso once lived...before had money

I loved this street...its so out of place for Paris

moulin rouge...where the laundry girls showed off how clean their undergarments where

St Michel ... look the water is finally flowing,,spring has come!

only a few left... these are old drinking fountains

building of paris...odeon area

just another example of what makes paris buildings so beautiful...its the details

I want one!

look true value!


some of the students who have been protesting lately...no where near what...

hidden places

things from the antiquity are everywhere...this is to help women and the...

more hidden spots

this is near odeon and I would love to live here

this area is full of the literary genus Paris can attract...also close...

random graffiti

quiet street hidden away, and yet its only 1 st away from...

the louvre...pretty gloomy, but impressive just the same

L'hotel...place where many famous faces stay

cool rams head

inside l'hotel...this was so cool to see...we had to call ahead and...

near the lounge...some of those famous faces

the other reson this hotel is famous...the stairs where Oscar Wilde died

another yellow cat...how many is that now?

ossian is telling us all about the cheese

Claire at cheese night

Hae In, Megan, and Kisha trying the cheese

alex at cheese tasting night

more of cheese night

more of cheese night

more of cheese night

CPE striks are getting lots of headlines

the sorbonne all boarded up from protesting

view from top of Arab building

arab building view

view from top

there were a bunch of these ads for a while in france...

the love wall

they're heeeere!!

montmatre area

monmatre area

more exploring...

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