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Stone fish - Yes it looks just like a stone but nothing...

Ko Lanta is much more laid back than Ko Phi Phi and doesn't have many big hotels/resorts, it is mainly small family run hotels that are set right on the beach, hopefully it will stay that way but as the island is getting more and more popular who knows.

Again we were a bit disappointed with the beaches, mainly because (like Ko Phi Phi) when the tide goes out it goes out a long way (50-60 metres) and rather than golden sand you are then left with a lot of rocks and dead coral.

Anyway the major reason for coming here was that this is the best (and cheapest) place for diving trips to Hin Muang (Purple rock) & Hin Duang (Red rock). These two sites are in the middle of nowhere and are favourite sites for large pelagic's (whale sharks, manta ray's, leopard sharks etc..) that we are looking for.

When we booked the dive trip we were told it would take 3 1/2 hrs on the boat to get there, but we thought that would be there and back but it was actually 3 1/2 hrs there and the same again to come back. It made for a very long day for 2 hours of diving, which we didn't get to see anything bigger than a grouper fish!

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