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The Pampa Linda Express

my tent and some horses

they are very photogenic

Pampa Linda (the 'Quincho' in the foreground)

her comes the bad weather

it's raining

Trent, Will and Wissam at the quincho


okay folks,

The weather has been exceptionally bad the last two days. I drove out into Pampa Linda with the hope of tromping around for the next week. Two days straight of horizontal rain and I am back in Bariloche. Tomorrow I head for El Bolson.

The rivers rose about two feet so they were impassable. I have some cool photos, but it would've been sweet to get into the hills. I did get to play foosball with some guys. Trent from Australia and Will and Wissam from England. In the wise words of Wissam "When its pissing down like this you should drink a beer and have choripan!" He was right. We drank beer and ate choripan and waited patiently for the wind and rain to subside. We bribed the bus driver to take us back into town this afternoon because there was little hope for the weather (and we were running out of food for the trek). All three of those guys were travel agents in their respective countries and quit their jobs to spend three months in Argentina.

Choripan is a chorizo on a bun with chimmichurri oil on it. YUmmy. at a buck a piece, you cant go wrong.

Bariloche is swarmimng with Israelis. I am not exagerating. Swarming. El Bolson is the hippie villa 2 hours south of here. It is a nuclear free community with lots of organic foods and other feel good stuff. The trekking there looks especially easy to get to, which is a big reason why I am going there. If I don't get a good trek in I am going to freak out!

I had trouble sleeping last night because there was a horse near me and it just kept staring at me and chewing grass from two feet away. I was afraid it would step on me if i lost the staring contest.

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