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Nandy, Steve & Hermann reminissing about the trip

Saturday, 3/4/2006, Day 30

We were all in line to depart the Estero Beach RV Park shortly after daybreak. Rather than driving up the coast to Tijuana, retracing the trip south, we headed northeast towards Tecate. Tecate is a less crowded border-crossing town, and the waiting time at customs there would be about 30 minutes rather than three hours in Tijuana. We waited in line to clear customs next to a steel wall with razor wire at the top (the US equivalent of the Berlin wall) and then were directed to the truck inspection holding area. We drove over heat sensors, our rigs were sniffed by dogs and we were asked the usual questions. All 20+ rigs were cleared within a half an hour. Very little was confiscated (someone surrendered a bag of ham slices) and soon everyone went out the gate into the Good Old USA. Gus, Gloria, Dick and Alice waved a final farewell to everyone as they headed off toward their different destinations.

Along with Hermann, we headed to the first campground across the border. Potrero County Park had been recommended by other RVers we had met on the Baja, and we set up camp there.

Then the three of us piled into our RV (with Herman's LPG tanks in our bathroom) and headed out to find a place to refill our propane tanks and somewhere to access the internet to check emails. We also wanted to pick up a few groceries for the evening's meal. We had lunch in Potrero in the west end of the general store. It's the only store here other than the Post Office. What was for lunch: a real American patty-melt with French fries. No beans and rice. It was very strange to look at someone across the counter or at our waitress and speak to them with our now-perfect, slow, measured English only to have then jabber back to us in rapid conversational English. It will take a little getting used to being back in the US.

We had planned to unwind for a couple of days here, washing our rigs, attending to laundry and accessing the internet. Potrero is a very nice park in most respects and the staff was very helpful, but water restrictions prevented us from washing the rigs, the only internet access was the local library (that was going to be closed all day Sunday and Monday) and neither staff person knew of a laundromat in the area. At dinner the three of us decided to head into San Diego to Mission Bay RV Park, a new park run by the city of San Diego, the next morning, where these amenities were advertised.

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