Baja Down & Back, 2006 travel blog

Dr N giving his lecture as we toured his museum

Our group is captivated by his lecture

Sample of artifact

Sample of artifact

Actual door height of astec temple

Try as he might, Ron would not fit.

Caravan dogs digging for a mole.

Dawn, receipiant of "Most" White Knuckle award - photo by HS

Not a bad last Good Sam meal - photo by HS

Thanks for the best trip, lead by the best - photo by...

Sun set, on the caravan's last evening in Mexico - photo by...

Friday, 3/3/2006, Day 29

We all met for a Good Sam breakfast at the resort's restaurant: excellent food, exquisite presentation, top notch service. Following the breakfast we went to the resort's museum of Mexican history and artifacts. The tour was given by Mr. Benjamin Novelo, PhD, who is the resort's owner. The artifacts all are part of his personal collection. It was one of the most impressive lectures we have ever had the privilege of hearing. Not only were the artifacts of superior quality and diversity, but Dr. Novela was able to put the entire ancient history of Mexico into a global perspective that was exceedingly informative and interesting. The tour/lecture only lasted an hour. We would have willingly stayed the entire day just to listen this very educated and perceptive individual.

To make room for the Good Sam farewell dinner, we decided to take a walk up into the community outside the resort compound. Steve hit one of the town's internet cafes we had spotted a few days ago. Along the way we browsed through several souvenir shops that were more like artisan shops. Throughout this trip we have heard very pleasant Mexican guitar music in various shops and restaurants, and have been frustrated in attempts to acquire some of it for our music library. When we have inquired as to who the artist was or where the music could be purchased, were told that what we were hearing was off the internet or on someone's i-pod and they had no clue how to identify what we were listening to. For the first time today we able to get a web site for a CD set of Mexican flute and guitar music we heard in one of the shops.

Dinner at the resort's restaurant outdid the breakfast. The beef tenderloin steaks melted in your mouth and presentation and service left nothing to be desired. After the meal, Dick and Gus handed out "White Knuckle Awards" to everyone who braved the Baja on Route 1 all the way down and back. Special accalaids were given to Dawn, for her day at the weheel of the 42 foot rig when her husband Check as not able to drive due to illness.

Dick & Guss emphatically stated we were the best tour group either of them had led or been in. We can only give high credit to such perceptive men, backed by their equally perceptive wives.

Tears, hugs and last minute photo ops were shared by all. Good group, good trip.

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