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Becky and I woke early and hiked back to the Chichen Itza site to catch a bus to Tulum. The bus ran a little late but no problems. I had learned the previous time that the bus ticket window is in the Chichen Itza gift shop, which does not open until 10am, so I had the foresight to buy our tickets the previous day while we were at the ruins. I get a lot of satisfaction about being able to deal with little problems that arise when traveling, and learning how to avoid them again in the future.

We arrived in Tulum and headed back to my favorite, L'hotelito. We checked into the room, and it was obvious that my three Italian friends were still sleeping. Becky and I headed to the lavanderia to drop off some laundry and went to have a bite to eat. We returned to the hotel and I had the extreme pleasure of introducing Becky to my new travel buddies. We got our beach gear together and headed to our favorite beach, Paraiso. Becky seemed to loose any stress she may have had as she waded out into the perfectly warm blue sea. Her face lit up like a light bulb. We lounged around in the sun and sea for most of the day until the sun headed behind some clouds (again).

The five of us went to eat at a restaurant in a hotel that is run by yet another Italian that my friends had met here. We enjoyed each others company, knowing that my travel friends would be departing the following afternoon. We made plans to get up early and return to Paraiso, so they could enjoy the beach one last time before a bus ride to Cancun, for a plane to Mexico City, where they would fly out of to return to Milan.

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