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The Evening Entertainment at Palapa 206

We know it has been a LONG time since the last posting and we apologize. It seems that Mexico is very challenged as far as communication is concerned. We will try to catch you up a little at a time so we don't overload.

So here goes:

From Loreto we went to CD Constitucion and Palapa 206. CD is located in the center of the Baja with no water in sight. We stayed in a dust bowl!! There was dirt everywhere not to mention the peacocks, chickens and rotweillers. We were able to stock up on provisions because they had a decent grocery store. We were treated to a Mexican dinner and entertainment by local kids (yes, we tipped them generously). After three days in the "hell hole" we were off to Los Barriles.

Could the mountains get any worse? It was Sunday and little chance of the big rigs meeting us on the curves, right? WRONG!! On the way we were stopped by not one but two accidents. The first was a jack knifed truck (remember the no shoulders or guard rails?) with his rear tires off the road and the tractor blocking our lane. We finally squeezed by (the 43 footers had a blast) and continued through the mountains. The next encounter was a head on involving a pick up and car. This happened near a small village where the locals showed some great emotion. We were forced off the road onto a side street not knowing how long we would be sitting there. A tour bus showed up and the driver hopped right out and helped the locals lift the wrecks off the road. Obviously he had a schedule to keep. We were off again. After no further incidents we arrived in Los Barriles.

The camp ground was beautiful. The beach was a two block walk and had a great restaurant right next door. We were able to sit in the restaurant for super bowl and drink margaritas. David and Gary were able to get the dingy in the water and the dogs loved the water.

By this time we were used to the dogs and roosters making noises all times of the night and day but this stop we were treated to roaming cows. Yes, they roam the streets knocking over garbage cans. We couldn't figure out what to feed these critters.

Gary and Kathleen went off on ATV's and had a great time. Los Barriles was a great stop. Next stop Cabo, stay tuned.

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