'half the world': a sojourn from istanbul to isfahan travel blog

my room at seker palas (sugar palace)




bike shops



ulu camii

fountain outside ulu camii, by soup kitchen

rd to soup kitchen

the big hotel



oranges going down the french drain

antakya belediyesi park

activity pockets

another rill, or is it a french drain?

han courtyard





common area at the heart, ulu camii


visual recon.



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bldg. thoroughfare

dear nader,

i am now following your trail nader, though in the opposite direction. i'm in antakya/hatay, & soon to be in aleppo/halab. just a few hours sleep & much waiting at the border & i'm there!

so this antakya place is quite something. i don't understand much as everyone here speaks turabish. that's what i'm calling the dialect here. it's turkish, but with a heavy does of arabic, thus making it almost incomprehensible to me at times.

apart from that, the people here are beautiful, warm & their hospitality still means something other than making a sale. & i'm now convinced that no one is ever trying to rip me off here! which is nice, because i was about to snap as a result of my previous business transactions.

i like to think that i've developed a tough skin, & i've been calling peoples' bluff when an attempt to cheat me has been made, but i've gotten quite sour a couple of times. it upsets me so because if someone's trying to rip you off, regardless of being a tourist or not, it means they do not have any respect for you. once a transaction has been made it then becomes quite difficult to gain respect. but if you call their bluff, they usually comply & sometimes become more genuinely interested & welcoming. being a solitary traveller, this attention is very precious to me.

on a bus a few days ago the ticket dude tried cheating me a couple of lira. financialy this is no big loss, but integrity wise...

long story short i kept insisting that i pay the fare price & had made a good friend in the process (not the ticket guy, but another passenger who apparently admired my chutzpah).

ciao. andrew

btw: soon i think it will be safe to say that this cannuck is not going to be allowed into iran anytime soon. hence my new found interest in aleppo.

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