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Diamond Rock off the coast of Martinique. The English built a fort...

Fishing village on Martinique. This pic, as are many in this series,...

Dolphins off the starboard side of EasyCruiseOne near Fort de France, Martinique

Canal in Fort de France, Martinique

A foot-bridge over that canal in Fort de France

Cemetery in Fort de France, Martinique

The Harbor in Bequia, a beautiful little isle popular with yachts that...

Impromptu Shell Museum on the beach in Bequia

Hurricane damaged church in Saint George's, Granada

Looking out the stained glass window of a hurricane damaged church in...

My friends, Meagan and Emily, onboard for a whale watching excursion off...

Petite Piton on St. Lucia

Gran Piton on St. Lucia

Rainbow off the coast of St. Lucia

Fishing village on St. Lucia

One last look back at the Pitons on St. Lucia

I caught the Easycruiseone in Barbados. But first there were more travel hassles: Caribbean Sun Airlines failed to put my backpack on the plane from Trinidad and I spent two days afraid the ship would leave without my gear. Then, there was the 3 hours I spent at immigration lockup because I didn't have all my papers with me to the Immigration Officer's satisfaction. Luckily the guy was intent on showing off his guitar playing skills so there we sat, in the airport's Immigration office, trading my guitar back and forth until he let me go. Pity the person who is ever in my same situation but without a guitar !!!!

Once onboard we headed off to Kingstown, Saint Vincent. It is a wonderful little island with beautiful, friendly people and the most perfectly pool-blue water you've ever seen. It wasn't until after we left that the news came that the Prime Miinister's Press Secretary was assasinated while we were on the island !!! Wow !! Meanwhile onboard was a television crew filming a "documentary" for consumption in the British and US markets ("Everybody act naturally while we stage a happening")

From St. Vincent we went to: Martinique, then Bequia in The Grenadines, then to Granada (Pedestrians beware !) then to St. Lucia and then back to Barbados -- More to come on all this --

My Canon SD 300 had a cracked LCD so I was forced to use unreliable disposible cameras for these photos so:

* Thanks to the wonderful and beautiful Lu for the pics of St. Lucia

* If you have any pics from the cruise and would like to see them here, please send them to me at:

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