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feeding monkeys


Praia dos golphinos (dolphins)

Low tide

Praia da Pipa is a neat little boutique town that is probably better suited for an older, wealthier crowd than a budget traveler surviving on canned sardines like myself (ok I don~t think I~ve ever actually eaten canned sardines, but I~m just making a point). I felt admittedly restless in Pipa: not too much to do but hang out on the beach, and I was already red as an el red snapper (wink, wink, my costa rica friends). There were some great sandwich and vegetarian food restaurants, a welcome reprieve from a daily diet of salgados and misto quentes (variations on the ever versatile ham and cheese sandwich). Plus, I fed some spider monkeys, that~s cool! I met a great Argentine girl as well as a couple of Frenchies (Freedom Fries!!) which always makes for a better trip. The later were headed north as well so I invited myself along on the next leg of their trip.

The hostel workers kept hitting on me, which wouldn~t have been so bad, except they were all around 45 years old and a few teeth short of a piranha. Brazilian women are crazy, and I don~t mean that in jest (my apologies Adriana, if you are reading, but you are also nutso). They will attack you when you least expect, cat calling you from dark corners, pouncing on you in open day light, flirting, incesentely questioning, tugging hair, pulling arms. I actually avoid women now. Avoid them! What really scares me is that really annoying hissing sound that Brazilians use to attract other people~s attention, it makes me think they are going to take me behind a dark alley and show me a jacket full of stolen Rolodex watches (does that ever really happen?). A simple would be sufficient. I digress...

Oh, and I saw some dolphins in the Bahia dos Golphinos (Dolphin Bay), or at least that is what I am told.

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