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Ryan and Becky at a thai restaurant in Cancun

Becky and Ryan in the caves (Grutas de Balancanche)

Becky made it to Cancun and was able to find me with no problem, phwewww. We dropped her stuff off and headed to the beaches to enjoy a Pina Colada and the sunset. Then we walked over to a romantic thai restaurant and sat on a comfortable mattress while eating our dinner. The restaurant was complete with groovy music, moody lighting, and a dolphin tank. We headed back to the hotel to get some rest before our early morning bus trip to Chichen Itza.

Becky had brought me a new cell phone and we set the alarm to wake us up with plenty of time to have a shower and breakfast before our bus left. Becky woke up super early, around 6:30 am and decided to stay up and take a shower (with no hot water to her surprise). I flipped on the tv, only to discover that the local time was NOT 6:30 am, but 8:30 am ( my phone was still set to L.A. time!)....and our bus was leaving at 9! We scrambled to get out of there, dropped off the key and ran all the way to the bus station, getting there with plenty of time. We chilled on a first class bus (this time) to the ruins area and checked in to the Piramide Inn (again).

We met a cool cab driver who was willing to drive us to a secluded area outside of town where there are caves that you can tour that go on for 6km. They are filled with amazing stalagtites and stalagmites and deep in the caves are you can see ancient offerings that the Mayans left for their gods. Becky says to mention that there were also a few bats in the caves. Although the tour was beautiful it was also extremly hot and humid, so we headed back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and a bite to eat. With plans to see the equinox at the Chichen Itza ruins the next day. After that we plan to head back to Tulum on the 22nd to reunite with the Italians for one last night of fun before they head home.

Many pictures coming soon.

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