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We got to Pakse in the nick of time (Only 6 hours before our bus left for Vietnam)After an hour of counting ants and reading Lonely Planet for the 1000th time bordem set in!!! Our saviour came by a guy called Ian a biologist from OZ who knew everything about everything so by the time we boarded our bus (5 hours later) we felt truly educated!!

We left at 7pm and were due to arrive in Lao Bao at 2am ready for the border opening at 7am (More ant counting!!) We finally nodded off at 5am only to be woken by the Lao money exchange guerillas at 6am. With light being shone in our eyes, how much they took and what we got back heaven knows!! But we only had a few kip left as we had dewindled our funds down to the last $5 worth (Kip not valied anywhere else!!)

We then had to walk 1km to the Lao border crossing to get our exit stamp, but on arrival we were informed they wouldn't stamp our passport as our vietnam visa wasn't valid for a few more days (Bribing was out of the question, no money!! Great) They told us to walk 1km to the vietnam border to see if they would let us through. Success they said yes, so we walked 1km back to the Lao border to get our stamp. Only to walk another 1km back to the vietnam border to be greeted with a "Oh no your not coming in" face "I don't care who said what" Enter Burty the diplomat (yes he can do it!!) and Carly crocodile tears to save the day. After about half an hour of negotiation we were let through. Thank God!!

GOt back on the bus headed for Dong Ha, we thought this would be the end of our troubles! . . . . . . . . . .

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