Carter Family Sojourn 2004 travel blog

Central wing of Castle Howard. Family on front steps.

ANyone for some 'Game'? Farmers' market. Castle Howard.

5th cousin Dawn with Bevan Chris and Anne

Patsy and Lynne in Lavendar garden

Dawn with Carter heirloom teapot

Bevan and Chris in Dawn's garden

We had to do a Stately Home! So this was it. A good collection of Art and sculptures and ceiling frescos. WOrth a quick look. A bonus was a Farmers market happening in the grounds. Selling local produce, including pheasants, grouse, venison, etc.

Then on to a lavendar farm. The farm itself a major disappointment. The grow very little of their own lavendar. They are more like a nursery. However they had l;ots of lavendar goodies for sale and food made with l;avendar as an ingredient. Fancy cakes containing bits of lavendar, and with lavendar icing? Or lavendar ice-cream. THey tasted better than they sound!

Last call for the day for Bevan Chris and myself was at a relatives house. Dawn is a 5th cousin. While Robert was heading for Australia his cousin Edward was one of the founders of the Shouldham Thorpe Wesleyan chapel.

We had a cup of tea served from the 'carter teapot'. It had been passed down from Edwards time. The cups matched, but she wasn't sure if they were that old. SHe was a delightful lady bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. While a lot went into her family research, her garden showed eveidance of lots of time and energy. (see photo) It was a memorable afternoon.

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