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Heidi and guide on walking safari


Ants on the march

Equator crossing

Mburu Nat'l. Park

We arrive in Mburu in the late afternoon and go on a two hour walking safari, a totally different game viewing experience. Our guide (with rifle for animal safety this time) gives a lone water buffalo a wide berth. We see zebras for the first time, elans and many others. Back at the campsite we decide to go for an early night. Geoff seems restless and feels bites on his body. We turn on the light and there are litteraly thousands of ants in the tent, on the sleeping bags, on our clothes, everywhere! We jump out and see thousands more on the outside of our tent. We had camped on a safari ant trail (millions in total) and they found their way into our tent. It gave "ants in your pants" a whole new meaning.

Other than the "ant situation" the campsite was beautiful, situated right by the lake. The hippos came out of the water and slept close by, also warthogs and waterboks. It would have been nice to stay a little longer. We leave in the morning to head back to Jinja. We stop at the Equator and see that the "water draining situation" really is true. We drive cautiously through Kampala (the capital city) because today the election results will be announced. All is quiet and we stop for groceries and head back to Jinja were we will spend another six days before going back to Nairobi.

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