.....time to wake up mark! travel blog

me, Eva, and other Mark(killer bass player)

reporter taking my picture on the boat. I was in an indian...

me and Uma

Kids who had never seen a digital camera before. Their dad wanted...

Hottest, stinkiest busride EVER!

Rickshaws. I think the name was derived from "rickety"

The trolley. A car was parked on the tracks and we just...

The talking garbage can

The happiest child in the world because I bought her a bag...

Me and some of the other caucasians. A child asked me if...

"Stinking hot"

.....together or separate, the two best words to describe Kolkata. Their summer is just starting to kick in and I think its like 35 C. and HUMID.....but not clean humid....dirty humid. Blowing one's nose is a real challenge because all the pollution gets so built up and when it actually comes out it's completely black. Theres like 10 of us in this internet cafe right now just so we can cool off. But im gonna get off and sit by the fan now! 13 hour train right tonight and I'll be in Kalimpong in the morning! Woohoo!

smell ya

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