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Clare and Dianne outside the Excaliber Hotel

In a move that Bill & Ted and Marty McFly would have been proud of we left Sydney at 10.30am and arrived in Los Angeles one hour before we left.

We had a four hour wait at Los Angeles Airport before our flight to Las Vegas. This was cut short by a 90 minute wait to get through immigration (welcome to America!) However, the wait was then extended by a delay in our Vegas flight. We eventually left 2 hours behind schedule for our short flight to Las Vegas where we met Mum/Dianne*, who had been waiting for three hours.

We went to pick the car up and went for a drive along the Strip to our hotel 'Excalibur'. After settling in and looking around the hotel we went for a walk along the strip at night. We saw the fountains outside the Bellagio, and the white tiger and Volcano at the Mirage before going for a buffet at the Mirage. This is where all the hard work at the gym in Sydney went to pot as Garry's eyes lit up at all the food on offer and he went hell for leather trying to eat as much as possible.

After dinner we staggered back to the hotel with indigestion!

* This is Clare's Mum, but for the purposes of the website we will refer to her as Dianne.

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