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Gard du Nord...waiting

look blue skys !

BA London eye

Parliament and Big Ben

me and Big Ben

Jubilee bridge (I think?)

view of london across Thames river

Dali museum and London Aquarium near london eye

Parliament again

National Museum in Trafalgar Square...yep there was a huge protest going on...

trafalgar square and more protesters

I had to slighly take this so it is pretty bad

another crap photo that was smuggled (but this was for you mom!)

claire and I freezing our butts off on the bus...can you count...

more london sky line

claire being a goof in fron tof the tower of london

our hostel the Astor Victoria...I think I got claire in the pic

dorm pic

view out dorm window...look the london eye is everywhere!

victory column in front of Buckingham palace

london police holding back the crowds waiting for the changing of the...

great view huh... well we tried we stod out there for an...

changing of the guard.

funny hats!

they are very good at marching. :-)

london sights

just a cool car...and yes they do drive on the wrong side...

gotta love being josseled around in the tube.

Green Park...not the only park that is green but very lovely all...

this as close as I got to Harods...too expensive for me!

I forget what this is but its pretty neat

pretty pathetic pic of kennsington palace (where princess Di lived) but thats...

phone booth through bus window...it rained all sunday!

yet those brits dont care about a little rain...nothing will keep them...

this was the area we stayed in...trippy how they are all the...

ok so check out all the chimnies...these are not all used but...

A private garden that was awesome and I think I heard that...

check it out...more chimnies...ya I know not all that exciting sorry.

just looking at the differences of the buildings

more london buildings

look there are actually short buses here

our bus tour

gotta love those pub names

enough said

view from palace

at buckingham palace

buckingham palace...unfortunately we saw no royals this trip

look at those skys...no we know why the brits are so white

do you see what I see (the unmoving guard)...I tell you the...

a closer look

what a cute face

area behind St. James Palace completly diffferent from the gardens and view...

ahh the good old days

they sure do like their horses and solidier

green park near buckingham palace

pond in green park

view fron bridge on green park

big ben and the traffic flow

making a call...welll not really I just like their phone booths

great weather

more london architecture

our short ride on the river

this was interesting because at one point companies weren't allowed to advertise...

random river stuff

river views

shakespear globe

is that a ship between all those buildings

this was part of the d- day landings in normandy

tower bridge

tower bridge area

london tower

london tower

london tower

hahaha...tower of london gotta love it!

westminster abbey...some of teh monarchy are buried here

westminster abbey... the coronations take place here

westminster abbey

school boys and football on their lunch break behind westminster

Camden town...wow this is a interesting place to go

camden town is where all the gothe and punk kids go and...

london tube

mind the gap!

waiting to leave... the kitchen at Astor Victoria

goodbye London!

(email sent)

Friday morning I woke up with a horrific cold and thought why did it have to come today just when I'm off to London for the weekend! Just the same I got ready ate some breakfast with Megan who just walked in from a girls night out, and trucked off to the metro. I have never been to Gard du Nord, but I gave my self plenty of time to check in and find my way around, and thank god I did because it is a huge station! Plus you have to go through customs before you get into the UK. I was pretty tired and feeling miserable so thankfully everything went smoothly and I was loaded onto the train with success. It was a pretty full train so I couldn't stretch out but as tired as i was I still feel asleep if nothing but a little cramped. I found the hostel with little trouble, but a little shocked at the metro ticket prices (I wont complain about the paris metro ever again!). I was looking forward to being able to lie down for an hour or so just to recoup since I was feeling so miserable, but in all our rush to find and book a hostel I forgot that this one didnt have check in until 2pm. I was so bummed when I heard this, but it forced me out to see the town. That day was a blur, in fact, the whole trip seems a bit fuzzy, but I made it to Trafalgar square, the national museum, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster abbey, the london eye, and all around those areas. From the hostel it was about a 5 minute walk to Buckingham palace and from there to pretty much all the other central tourist sites about another 5 minutes. I spent about 5 hours wandering around, got some fish and chips, saw some art work and finally gave up before I passed out in the street. I decided to take the tube back which is such a completely different experience from Paris its almost funny. Obviously the concepts are the same, but the area the tube covers, how bumpy the ride is, and how outrageously price the tube is I dont think I would ever use it if I lived there. I guess Ive just been spoiled here in Paris.

After resting a while I went down into the kitchen and meet some people also staying in the hostel. I quickly found that most people there are actually living there while they work. Its cheaper than any flat in town so I don't blame them and what a fun place to live. People from all around the world constantly coming and going. It's a big happy family there and I was stoked we picked such a great hostel. That night I got little sleep because I was feeling so crappy plus it probably didn't help that people were coming in at all hours of the night (or rather early morning). Oh well that's dorm life. I had to check out the next morning by 10 so that I could switch rooms when Claire arrived. Waking up at 930 and getting all my stuff together I headed to the reception area to check out and then get some breakfast. As I was checking out I ran into a girl from Argentina that I had talked to the night before and she asked me what I was doing up so early. I told her about the check out and my friend arriving and she said nothing more of it. Then down in the kitchens when I was getting my free breakfast (which was pretty good by the way) I ran into some more people I meet and all of them asked me what I was doing up so early. Still thinking nothing of it I told them what was up and they all let me be. It wasn't until much later when I happen to look at the kitchen clock and it said it was only 930. Just remember that I am sick and this took a couple seconds to realize exactly what happened, but London is an hour ahead of Paris and I didn't change my watch the day before. Yeah I had a really long morning of laughing at my self and feeling stupid because so many people had hinted to me that I was a bit off. That's life I guess. While I waited for Claire to arrive I walked around the neighborhood, which was really nice. It used to be where a lot of the aristocrats lived so the rooms in each building are pretty big and that is why so many hotels have taken over some of them. On one of the tours when we were near this area they pointed out where Sean Connery keeps a place. It was near one of the private community parks that I so wanted to get into my first day. Anyway, Claire finally arrived and looked as tired and wore out as I did the first day, but we bucked up and went out to explore London together.

I took her first to where I went the day before because that was most of the main spots near our hostel. When we got to Trafalgar square we found out there was a huge protest going on. I guess the Dutch had some cartoon that made fun of Muhammad so the Muslim population was out in full force letting London know how upset they were. Skirting most of this we found our way into the national gallery and then off to some other sites around town. We decided to do the Big Bus Tour which is a bus that takes you around town and you can get on and off along the route. The ticket was good for 48 hours so we thought this would be worth the money since it would last the whole time we were in town. Since it rained most of Sunday this was good since we were able to see the city and still stay dry. I have never felt so cold in all my life. Grant it that I am sick and this probably doesn't help matters but those brits must have some thick skin to deal with that biting cold. The wind hits you and you are cold instantly to the bone.

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