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the further north you are, the more crowded the beach is




the madness





we drank mate

Dolores' family playing games


Yesterday we went to a different Balneario where Dolores' family rents some carpas. It was a beautiful sunny day. The water was much warmer today so I went swimming and thrashing about the waves which was quite nice. My bodysurfing skills need work. Dolores' mother speaks excellent English so we had a nice chat about world affairs (read: George Bush) and which brand of Fernet tastes best with Coke.

I am certain that you are curious about Carlos. He was very clear about the spelling of his name when I informed him that the photo would go onto the internet. He is a natural born star, a very funny guy. He doesn't speak English but is fond of Italian. He cleverly tried to teach me some words which have double meanings and are difficult to use properly, words which might create embarrassment, insult, rage, disgust. Usually these are some of my favorite words to learn. He is a character. The family joke is that he is pregnant with twins.

I am reading a very good book. The author was recomended to me by a friend. Can you guess who the author is? - "For nothing requires a greater effort of thought than the arguments to justify nonthought. I experienced it with my own eyes and ears after the war, when intellectuals and artists rushed like a herd of cattle into the Communist Party, which soon proceeded to liquidate them systematically and with great pleasure. You are doing the same. You are a brilliant ally of your own gravediggers."

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