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View from our little plane!

Megan waiting to get in our 'ride' to the resort!

Hanging out on Beachcomber island

Our tropical paradise

AHHH Fiji. So this is our last stop before we head back to the good ol' USA. As we walked off our plane at about 6 am we were treated to a local band playing some great Fijian music and welcoming us to the island. All we wanted to do was take a nap! So we found a really comfy couch in the terminal and fell asleep for a few hours. Then we were off to the island of Kadavu for some scuba diving and adventure. The trip over was quite beautiful although we were looking through the windows of a plane that held about 6 people! Needless to say we felt all the little bumps and drops and the landing was quite unnerving. But we made it. Once we got inside the 'terminal' (it was a small building with a few benches) we had to ask around to find out where our 'ride' was. Apparently they were coming to get us to take us to our accomodations. After waiting for awhile and feeling like we were forgotten, our boat shows up and we're off! We had two guys with us and the ride was bumpy! On the way, we had to stop at our driver's house so he could get some fruit off the trees. Well after almost 30 minutes Neil and I were like, LET'S GO! I guess time in Fiji is non-existent. But we were tired and wanted to get to a place where we weren't worried about flying out of the boat and into a nice cozy bed. We finally made it by late afternoon and after checking in we retired to our bana on the beach. Then it was dinner time and we got to meet Megan, Bob and Graham who were the other guests at the 'resort'. They were very cool and we spent the next couple of days getting to know them and just hanging out and talking. We all went diving the next day which was lots of fun!! Then we just chilled for the rest the of day. That day was also Megan's b-day so we had a little celebration for her and then I went over to the villagers gathering they were having to raise money for their children to go to school. Since we were the foreigners, we often got to get up (mostly Megan and I did this) and hand our the bowls of Kava, which is their local drink made out of grinding roots up. It doesn't taste very good but it actually makes your mouth numb after you drink it! The feeling wears off shortly afterwards but all it takes is another bowl of it and you're mouth is numb again! Apparently it makes your whole body numb if you drink too much of it.

Neil and I decided to head out the next day since Graham was also leaving and we wanted to go to another resort that was more of a resort rather than this backpacker place. We were very fortunate to meet lots of cool people here though including Captain Ron who spent most of his life living on a sail boat and traveling the world. So cool!

So we headed out with Graham back to the airport (it takes an hour by boat) and hung out with Graham until our plane landed. Then we were back in a small plane headed back to the main island and then on to Beachcombers resort island later that day.

Beachcombers was exactly what we were looking for. A nice room with hot water, a great beach to veg on and activities at our fingertips if we wanted to do them. So we ate, laid in the sun, went snorkeling, drank at the bar, ate some more, read books, went sea kayaking and just relaxed. It was very nice although I could have done without the sunburn!!

By the end of our tropical holiday, we were ready for the flight back to LA. Here we come USA!!!!!!

See everyone soon.


megan and neil

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