Outbound to India 2006 travel blog

Yesterday we had a jam packed day after arriving late the previous night. We were supposed to meet at 7 AM and depart to the capital of Nagaland that is called Kohima. Since we arrived late the previous night (11:00) and went through immigration and other paperwork related stuff, then we met our new hosts, then had our 2nd dinner we finally got to sleep arouund 12:30 or 1:00 AM.

As you can guess the start time was relaxed a little bit. We ended up all arriving at the deesignated meeting spot around 9:00 AM. Sara and Karin were not feeling well at all. Karin had a case of Dehli Belly and Sara's bad cold had gotten worse.

The drive to Kohima was beautiful. Dimapur's elevation is around 900 ft. and we were going to an elevation of arouund 4000 ft. over about a 3 hour drive. The scenary was great but the roads are rough. A lot of twists and turns and crazy road signs.

Our first stop was the WWII cemetary\memorial. It was very well done, I think all of us enjoyed that. Then we went to a traditial village, tried to go to a museum but it was closed for lunch. So we decided it was a good time to do the same.

So we had a great meal, all of us stuffed our selves. Sara ate 2 or 3 raw chilli pepers (decongestant). Then after a little discussion we ended up heading back because it's a long drive back and most people don't drive at night in Nagaland and we were tired.

On the way back home both Karin and Sara's condition got worse so they did not join us for dinner.

Today Nathan, Marlene and I attended a baptist church service. It was a brand new church and we met a few of the folks who helped get it built. One surprising thing about Nagaland is the vast majority of people are christians (90%) and the rest are Hindu or believe in Animism. After church we met for lunch and by that time Karin was feeling better and had a bite to eat with us. Sara was also feeling better but she opted to continue her rest.

This afternoon Nate and Karin tried on some traditional Naga clothing. Words can't not describe seeing Nathan in this outfit. Hopefully I'll get a chance to upload some photo's. I'll give you some idea of what the outfit includes...no pants...spears...head dress.....

That's it for now. We have our final presentation tonight. We are all sad that our official rotary trip is coming to an end. On a brighter note my wife Courtney is joining me in a few days. Karin, Courtney and myself will continue our journey through India for another week. More on that later.

Thanks for reading and see you sooner than later.


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