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The whole gang

Punto Mogotes

Fer, Dolores and me

the view from their balcony

some people at the beach

the lighthouse

a fish out of water


OK folks, I'm at the beach again only this time it's in Argentina and it's real nice. My friends Fernando and Delores live here. We met while I was working in Steamboat Springs in case you were wondering. Fernando is a Phys Ed teacher and Dolores teaches English. Today I slept in and then we went to the bech. They have a great beach here. I am not a beach person but I know a good beach when I see one. It was not so hot today (in case you were wondering Mrs. Smith). Fernando's friend Leo manages a Balnearo so we got in for free and get to use the carpas and all that jazz. We met up with some of Fer and Dolores'friends and drank lots of mate and talked about George Bush (who else). Before I left for Argentina my Father said "Don't start any revolutions while you are down there, ok?". It wouldn't take much. Actually a revolution in the US would be far more productive in making the world a better place. Things I like about the beach here: las carpas, the pure greenish blue water and the general cleanliness of the area. No smell of dead fish, or trash or whatever (if you've ever been to the Jersey shore you know what I mean). They have vendors wondering around selling ice cream, coffee and other stuff which I thought was nice also.

Anote about traffic in Argentina. Lanes are theoretical. I think you are required to arbitrarily change lanes every thirty seconds or so. Stop signs actually do not exist. Everything is based on "Right of Way". I would stop short of calling Argentinos aggressive because they don't drive very fast, just a bit chaotically. The roads are so-so to good, depending on where you are so it's rarely to your benefit to go too fast. Fun, fun, fun.

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