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Weather: Warm & very Windy

Upon rising I recommenced journal writing and made some headway on recent days that had been neglected due to the iPAQ's lack of battery power.

When the sun had reached high for its rays to strike my tent, I set off for town for breakfast and to try once more to find the location and departure time of a taxi-bush to Terjît, if one existed. No luck on the taxi-bush, which was seeming less likely to exist with each enquiry I made, but breakfast in the form of a sandwich & drink at my usual restaurant, was tasty and inexpensive (Ou200 ~Oz$0.55 each).

Back at camp, I had a cup of tea and continued journal writing while the iPAQ was plugged into a powerpoint. It didn't take long for the small amount of power that I had used to be replaced and I then moved out to a shade shelter to lie on a mattress and write. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and blew sand & dust everywhere, so I put the iPAQ away and read instead. The entire afternoon was written off in regards to catching up on overdue journal entries for Mali and I got sick of the dust, but I enjoyed the book that I read.

At about 5pm I returned to town for dinner and to locate the garage for Nouakchott. I had given up trying to confirm the existence of a Terjît taxi-bush, but I now wanted to plan ahead for my return to Nouakchott after I visit Terjît (hopefully). I discovered I was following the Welsh guy into town and he stopped and waited for me to catch up. He gave me directions to the garage for Nouakchott, but I failed to find it. And when I ran into him again in town and reminded me of elements of the directions that I had forgotten, I still failed to find it. I did however, find several camels being led around or tethered at feeding stations, which were an interesting sight when wandering around a town.

It was getting dark, so I returned to my usual for dinner. Having skipped lunch I added an omelet to my chicken & chips order, only to discover that their idea of an omelet was a plate of chips held together by a scrambled egg. The huge quantity of chips was beyond me and it was a shame not to get much egg, but the chicken was lovely.

It was almost dark when I returned to camp and, after shaking the dust out of my tent and most of its contents following the mild sandstorm during the middle of the day, I had a shower and an early night. I had forgotten it was Xmas Eve, but as I lay awake on my sleeping mat staring at the night sky through the flyscreen sections of my tent, it didn't sound like I had missed much.

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