Outbound to India 2006 travel blog

Greetings all,

We are here in a town called Dulliajan right now. IT's primarily an oil town. Almost everybody works for the oil company here. We've only beeen here for a few days and it's been fun.

Yesterday we visitied an oil platform and got to actually go up high on the platform and watch them change the drill bit. The well we visited can drill 12,000 feet deep. Yes, that is twelve thousand feet deep. That's rediculously deep. All of us enjoyed that experience more than we thought we would. We even had a cup of tea on the rig!

Last night we went to a culture show where there was a lot of music and dance. It ended with the Bihou dance which we all know and love. Nathan got on stage and danced with the performers. Nate is not shy.

Today we are heading to a town called Digboi (Dig Boy) for the day. It is also an oil town. Should be fun, we'll be visiting an oil factory to see how the manfactur the crude oil into other products.

Lastly our mustaches (Nate and Don)are pretty much fully developed now. Can't wait to start to curl the sides of the mustache. Could be a while for that though...

Thanks for reading and thank you to all for sending us emails. It really does help.


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